The Good Get Emmy’s…Or Smell Like Ones That Did.

I’ve previously blogged about the “old school’ (non-Computer Generated) methods used for an Old Spice commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa, in which the scene changes rapidly before the viewers’ eyes with only 2 minor CG effects used. It definitely touched a cord virally online. Old Spice followed up with various social media engagements around the actor and commercial.

Well, apparently the Emmy voters feel just like the masses…they awarded the commercial with an Emmy. Glad to see it, the actor did a great job hitting all his marks, keeping his facial expressions correct and maintaining eye contact while delivering all his lines (yes, that’s his real voice too). Meanwhile, the rest of the film crew had to drop, yank, drag, slide and perform various other tasks exactly on time and on mark. 3 Days. 57 Takes.

I wonder if they were all wearing Old Spice at the time?


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