Great Step-by-step for linking & unlinking MCC, ADwords, Gmail, Adsense & other accounts

The one ‘gotcha’ many people stumble across, including myself and other GAPs, is in the area of setting up accounts initially for clients and linking them to our My Client Center accounts; whether you are setting up a client’s analytics account, adwords account or adsense account. Sometimes, it seems to make no sense at all. I’ve just had yet another GAP mention he’s having trouble, so I turned to Google’s blog search feature to see what might be out there. And…I found something.      🙂

Here’s a great blog post with step-by-step instructions for various scenarios that should really make this much easier. Thanks to Mergen at WebGuru for putting it together. I know I’ve got it bookmarked.  🙂 Here’s a simple graphic that he created which shows the end results possible:

MCC Account Structure

How a Master MCC account looks


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