adds “Near Me Now” on iPhone & Android Mobile Phone Searches

Clearly “All Things Mobile Marketing” is the lead horse out the gate in 2010. Before we’ve hardly had time to take down our decorations early this year, we’ve learned that SMS Marketing Responses and Demographics are stunningly effective (compared to most direct marketing metrics), Google has added “Click to Call” within mobile Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns, and now…

Google has added a new feature to when searching from “location aware” GPS smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone & Android-based ones. Now, if you search on from your iPhone, and have allowed it to access your location, you’ll see a “Near Me Now” feature.

Google Near Me Now Mobile Search

Near Me Now on Mobile Search

 You are initially shown some basic categories at the bottom, but you can expand those to include a range of businesses defined in various categories within Google’s Local Business Center. I’ve previously blogged about the importance, especially for retail shops, of getting your business registered within their LBC. I believe Google’s 2010 focus will be on enabling small businesses to embrace these ‘new’ online advertising tools, by making them simpler, more effective…and pervasive.

If you aren’t sure how to get started, call me or send me an email. I’ll be glad to spend some time just conversing and we’ll see what makes sense.


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