Want to use SMS, the top Mobile Marketing Method?

Mobile Marketing. I’ve blogged several times about one of the most important upcoming marketing venues of the future, IMO.

Earlier this week, I blogged about a report that shows SMS, or Text Messaging, marketing showed huge success numbers, compared to both traditional and online click through rates (CTR) and more. And just hours later, I blogged about a Google announcement where they have enabled registered Businesses within their Local Business Center to display a “Click to Call” button when map searches on iPhones and other capable smartphones are conducted. The user, rather than clicking on a link to read more can click on the displayed phone number and they’ll automatically dial the business.  

I’ve had several companies contact me directly for more advice on how to begin or evaluate this method. Here at Astute Marketing, we believe we can help most small businesses figure out the best use of their marketing budget…and for some it will include some SMS marketing going forward, I believe. I do find it interesting that not ONE person wanted to comment publicly about adopting it. All my inquiries came directly to me in my in-box. Seems they’re like me, not 100% convinced they want to use this method but as good business managers they realize they’d better consider it.

Now today, QWASI, Inc (“one of the leading enterprise mobile marketing application companies”) announced the QWASI Mobile Marketing Center 2.0. It’s intended for small to medium sized US businesses that want to build, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns.

Disclaimer: I have not used, nor can I recommend the QWASI technology at this time. If you would like for me to evaluate the platform for you, please let me know and I’ll get started on it soon.


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