Full Disclosure for Blog and Author. Summary: Not for ‘Secret’ Hire.

I’m very happy that the FTC unanimously approved new guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials, specifically the online ‘bloggers’ requirements.

I figure I should at least state what I hope has been obvious: I don’t blog for compensation.

Want the in-depth details?  I am a partner of Astute Marketing. I receive a compensation in the form of both salary and equity. Astute Marketing receives compensation from clients for performing various marketing and business services, such as consultation. The following statements encompass both my personal full disclosure as well as Astute Marketing’s full disclosure. Bottom line, no one at Astute Marketing, including myself, accepts money or gifts for endorsing, blogging or reviewing products or services as an independent, neutral, non-compensated source. We do produce press releases, web pages, brochures, sales flyers and represent clients in the most positive, factual way possible while clearly and publicly associating closely with the client and/or their brand.

Other than compensation from Astute Marketing, I do not accept any money or other forms of compensation, such as gifts, from any companies or individuals. I have not and do not accept speaking fees, honoraria, or trips. I don’t accept free, discounted, or loaned products. Products that are given to me are either returned or given away.

I have not been paid to speak at events, nor would I accept payment for doing so.  Either my company or I pay my own travel and hotel expenses when I speak at an event, unless I am working and representing a client who has paid those charges as a business expense similar to their own employees.

I do not run advertisements on any of my sites, nor otherwise receive any monetary compensation from the operation of my website. All opinions expressed on this blog are mine.

Finally, I don’t post anonymously. I grew out of that when I grew up. I’ve been posting, commenting and building my on-line reputation since the ’90s as “J. Chandler Hall”. The reason I emphasis and use my first initial “J.” is because there are lots of universities with a Chandler Hall dorm room, or some such building. As long as you search for “J. Chandler Hall”, you’ll almost certainly find my ramblings and such. Have fun and thanks for ‘stopping by’…      🙂


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