Looking for a Google Wave “Web Dev” team…

UPDATE: Got my invites. Sent out my core ‘5’ invites. Will select and send out the rest during first week of Nov.

I’ve recently received a Google Wave invite. I’m going to use my invites to build a team that can try out Wave on a fun collaboration.

I would like to set up a pilot project oriented around a typical small Web Development project. Fundamentally, I would like to include a few different skill sets, similar to how I outsource today to various professionals.

I anticipate this project to be a very minor time impact on a weekly basis. Fundamentally, we won’t worry about making this perfect or look fantastic. Instead I just want to make a quick pass touching on the major milestones of a web site development.

So, I’m planning on taking the role of overall director of marketing (final approval), and also as an individual contributor for page copy writer, SEO & SEM work.

I want to invite:

  • A Graphics Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator or some similar skills
  • An HTML / CSS guru (IE, ‘our web coder’, would love HTML5 knowledge and/or Joomla/Druple)
  • Flash person
  • PhP person

I may not get exact fits, so I’m going to look at my group and try to come up with a fun, solid mix.

If you’re interested in receiving an invite for this effort, please follow my twitter account and send a tweet stating:

@chanhall I want to collaborate on your Google Wave Project #googlewave

I’ll pull those in the evening, follow you back, check out your profile and Direct Message you for an email address to send the invite to…or possibly to follow up with additional questions before making my decision.

THANKS for reading this and hopefully taking the time to join me on this effort!


5 thoughts on “Looking for a Google Wave “Web Dev” team…

  1. too bad i dont fit any of the people you want to invite. I would love to promote you inevitably through my youtube videos if you let me. let me know what you think please.. thanks!


    • Hi Genesis!

      It’s ok…I haven’t been flooded with requests, so I’ll be glad to put you on the list. So far…with few people and limited functionality, it’s really just been more trying things out right now.

      I’m using a simple method to keep my list of requesters…just saving their DM’s. Go ahead and DM me and I’ll keep you there. I expect to send them all out by Nov 1st.

      • hey, haha sorry about asking this, how do i go about DMing you? I’m a total noobie when it comes to acronyms. please don’t mind. haha hope to hear from you soon. thanks

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