Traditional Sales & Marketing down 50%, but Adwords growth is 4.5 times Higher

Are you cutting costs? Decided to cut back on some of those sales give-aways, travel and advertising? You may find your competition is actually cutting back traditional ‘spend’, but increasing their Google Adwords campaign spends. Many, many businesses are doing just that in a more increasing fashion every year.

How do I know?

Google recently created various financial trend indexes, based on various keyword searches going back to 2004. They’re called “Google Domestic Trends” and can be found at:

If you select a particular index, say “Sales and Advertising”, you’ll see a graph showing how frequent related terms (Google selected) were searched on at a particular time…and then all of that data is totaled and graphed showing a timeline trend. Above the graph, you should look for a link in the description that says, “To see more details on the queries that make up this index, visit Google Insights for Search.”

If you select this link, you can compared this trend against your own keywords. Here’s a chart where I selected “Sales & Advertising”. First, Google’s domestic trend index shows “Sales & Advertising” to be down about 1/2 of its size since 2004. (This seems to track with general data points I have read from other sources.) But does this mean ALL Sales and Advertising is down? What about online spend? Pay Per Click…such as Google Adwords?

I used this tool to plug in two other terms: Google Adwords & just Adwords (some people only search on “adwords”, so I’ll have to add these two together roughly). Here’s a screenshot:

Google Adwords growth over Traditional Sales & Advertising

Google Adwords growth over Traditional Sales & Advertising

It should be no surprise that this shows people searching for typical sales & advertising keywords are down by 50% since 2004…but during that same time period, more and more people have been searching for “Google Adwords” (285% higher) as well as just “Adwords” (185%). I’d estimate that combined together 3.5 – 5 times more people, today, are searching on Adwords.

Should you be considering Adwords as well?


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