Google Adwords Quality Score is Critical…but not shown by default.

One of the most respected groups of Adwords experts I have been involved with over the years is the Adwords Help Experts. Originally, several of us Adwords help forum “top contributors” started loosely supporting each other during the beginnings of those forums. Eventually, a small group of individuals created the AWHE to cover some gaps in the support forums during a big change to them. Their postings are always worth a read.

Today, a new blog post discusses an issue that we’ve tried to have Google address for years: the critical Adwords Quality Score. Really, the Quality score is *the* most important variable in determining your costs and more. It is widely misunderstood and often not even reviewed by many internal company Adwords campaign managers. We believe part of this problem lies with Google itself. They don’t display the Quality score by default…you have to customize your view in order to automatically display this most critical point.

Here’s a screenshot that shows how to configure your Adwords account to display your keyword Quality score. Take a look, you may begin to understand why some of your keywords cost more than you’d expect, or the opposite. By reviewing these anomalies, you’ll likely discover a few areas where you could improve your site to increase that score…and lower your costs.


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