LinkBuilding: Basic SEO Blocking & Tackling

The web is joined together through links. Search engines rely on links in various ways to help them navigate…and more importantly help them decide which sites should be shown for which search keywords.

Link building, or Link requesting, has been used by SEO experts to improve their sites’ rankings. Unfortunately, you have to be very careful NOT to fall into one of those horrible ‘snake oil’ pitches as Link building has been abused by the SEO ‘black hats’. Do not engage in random link ‘buying’ from some firm or person guaranteeing tons of links for little money or effort…your site will likely be penalized, not boosted upward.

You need to manually review, analyize and solicite links to and from your site…think of it as exchanging partnership ‘credits’ between your resellers and yourself. Or between your site and your vendor’s product pages.

Here’s a quick read that helps you start researching for links that make sense to point to your site.


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