SEO Best Practices for Microsoft bing

How might bing affect SEO Best Practices?

Starting with, Microsoft reached out to various SEO professionals by providing their own XML Sitemap submission area. This area also shows you the site’s top 5 backlinks and other info.  Microsoft also added an Excel plug-in for keyword research (Microsoft’s AdCenter). Now with bing, they have released a Bing webmaster guideline white paper that provides SEO Tips for bing.

Typically, SEO Best Practices are the same for most search engines. The occasional real tricks, or ‘black hat’ short cuts, that are discovered generally only work with a particular engine;  are only effective for a short time period; and often are followed with some type of search ranking penalty if employed for long. Good SEO best practices are valid for most search engines.

Microsoft’s white paper is a great start and a recommended read, in its entirety, for any webmaster that wants to increase your exposure to bing searchers. However, I believe most experienced SEO practitioners would appreciate a key differences summary:

  1. Target Category Keywords that appear on the upper left of the SERPs. Microsoft is calling this a ‘multi-threaded’ SERP design and states that their testing has shown users will more frequently explore the left hand ‘bing dynamically suggested’ navigation choices over positions 6 – 10. This is a significant change in concept: it is more important to be ‘off-page’ in a suggested category than lower down on page 1. I think it seems supported for high traffic broad searches as these left hand menus are basically the ‘suggested key words’ that now appear dynamically on Google’s SERP. I will need to be convinced about more vertical niche, ‘low volume’ searches, however.. It doesn’t really matter, though, as you do want to research what categories are being displayed in your relevant arena and work to be shown within them. There seems to be no downside at this time for doing so.
  2. Optimize the ‘Document Preview’ of your pages. The biggest visual difference in bing can be easily seen by searching on pictures and videos. Bing has also added a ‘Document Preview’ which appear to be created from the initial content found on the page, increasing the importance of writing call-to-action in your first paragraph.
    bing - showing site preview pop up

    bing - showing site preview pop up

    SEO Best Practices have included unique Page Titles and Meta description tags and these seem even more important on the Bing SERP.  Now aside from these two items,  Document Preview will try to look for the address and phone number and place it in the preview window, or other items it deems useful. If you do not want this feature enabled, you can use the nopreview tag:   <meta name=”robots” content=”nopreview” />

  3. Implement these SEO Flash Best Practices. It appears that bing is attempting a more sophisticated approach to indexing and categorizing flash files…but my experience with Google suggests you may want to block off this capability until it is more obvious how well it works. Microsoft’s describes their approach in this fashion:

    When titles and/or meta descriptions do not exist on an HTML page, bing creates a best-attempt caption, created dynamically at that moment in time, from relevant and reliable external sources of information.  In an effort to to provide captions where flash exists and improve the search experience, it will even use inbound keyword link text from authoritative websites when no site publisher data exists.

    While this may seem to be an easy fix to flash content, using information based on other websites provides little control and leaves you a bit vulnerable. Even if your competition wouldn’t stoop to somehow using this against you intentionally,  their forums and slanted competitive ‘comparisons’ can have a much greater online presence (or higher Page Rank) and could be creating a significant amount of negative publicity about your business. What if bing were to show or summarize some of this information in a dynamically generated document preview? For now, I would proceed with caution and always implement Flash content carefully.

If bing traffic continues to grow and actually achieve traction, these differences could become more important.


4 thoughts on “SEO Best Practices for Microsoft bing

  1. This SEO practices will be effective for bing only, but Google is the most dominant search engine in the world so most of the people will follow Google algorithms for their SEO websites.

    • Very true, fire cracker! However, bing has been seeing more then 10% market share for the past few months, according to Commscore (IIRC). It’s something to keep in mind AND if you are looking for additional business, this has both less competition and some decent early ‘pointers’ to get you ahead of the competition.

    • Hi Stickyweb,
      Your first sentence is very confusing. SEO Best Practices are what clients/SEO firms conduct…NOT the search engine itself. And ending it with “until the results are NOT good” really confuses me, so I’d appreciate a better understanding of what you were attempting to say. THANKS!

      Now, SEO BEST practices are effective ALL the time, no matter how the site is ranking. That’s why they’re “Best practices”.

      One thing that is DEFINITELY a NO-NO, and clearly NOT a Best Practice? BUYING LINKS. Matter of fact, BUYING LINKS is against Google’s terms and conditions and often result in rank penalties or total banning when caught.

      I notice that your firm’s SEO packages include a set number of LINKS PER MONTH that you will go out and…BUY? Otherwise, all of us real SEO white hat professionals would like to know how you can promise a certain number of links without paying for them. Unless you’re adding the “nofollow” parameter…which negates any benefit to having links added each month (so why bother making them a primary part of your enticement).

      Finally…”The methods applied by Bing are not as effective as compared to other search engines”
      WHAT??? Again, you seem to be viewing this backward. Bing applies it’s own ‘methods’, more often called an algorithm, just as Google does. If you’re trying to say that Bing doesn’t do as good a job on search results than Google, I agree. So?

      If you MEANT to say that “optimization methods that target BING don’t really help you when targeting Google”, we know and understand that. HOWEVER, if Yahoo or Bing or traffic is an important demographic that you want to target, then you have to OPTIMIZE for BOTH, or ALL. Of course, I would focus FIRST on Google. You can’t use the same methods across the board for every search engine.

      If I’ve totally misunderstood you, then I can only hope the folks that write optimized content for your clients work in another department. 🙂 After all, first and foremost SEO Best Practice relies on WRITING GOOD CONTENT..whether it’s Bing, Google, Yahoo or others. Good sentence structure, correct use of words that have been researched to match up with frequent searches. OH…and get some links pointing to your site WITHOUT buying them. 😉

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