No Repeat Business from Snake Oil Sales

I’m using another’s blog as my first opinion piece for Astute Marketing. Good, effective marketing comes from knowing who are your potential customers and getting your message to them.

If you’re looking for “get rich quick” methods or One Trick Ponies, you’ll almost certainly be looking for customers soon afterwards. Unfortunately, if you choose to dismiss SEO and SEM techniques from your toolkit, you’ll be looking for customers, too. It’ll just take longer before its obvious that you’re doing something wrong.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely being pitched like Snake Oil and sold by some of the best Snake Oil Salespeople out there. Partly because it’s very important, partly because it’s somewhat archaic and partly because there is too much data and time involved in separating the meat from the bone.

Astute Marketing involves understanding the range of marketing methods and applying them in priority: least cost for most sales. Sometimes that method will be a trade show. Sometimes it’s a better email campaign. But…almost all of them should involve a bit of online, which includes SEO efforts for your web site.

I’ve posted my comment to the above SEO SnakeOil blog in my comment section…apparently the blogger isn’t interested in competing opinions.  🙂